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CISM - Web Based Training (WBT)

Stiftung Mayday´s work after critical incidents or accidents (CISM-Critical Incident Stress Management) is described on a recently produced WebBasedTraining (WBT).
It is available in German and English, on several different platforms.

Various chapters describe methods and operational sequences, our cooperation with flight operations, our team, its training and how to apply for it.

Our certified CISM-Course is the prerequisite for active membership in the Stiftung Mayday CISM-Team. This training takes place once a year, however it is fully booked until 2014. So we can only waitlist applicants at the present time.

This WBT concentrates on our service for airline personell as our CISM-Team still is predominantly called for support there. All other private or commercial pilot license holders as well as paragliders, parachutists or balloonists are served according to the same described standards and methods.

The required time to run through the WBT-program is appr. 1 hour.

Online-Version: WBT (New browser or tab)

For local use please download your prefered version (appr. 20 Mb):


English Download
English Download

The Web-Based-Training contains spoken text. Your speakers should be turned on.

How to use:

  • Get the file "" by clicking "Download".
  • Unzip the file.
  • Run "Mayday.exe".
  • Get the file "" by clicking "Download".
  • Depending on your system and settings the file will be unpacked into a directory "offline_mac" automatically or by cklicking.
  • You may move the directory to any place you want.
  • Within the directoy there is a file "".
    By clicking the WBT opens in your default browser.

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